Quality, tradition and innovation.

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Family fresh pasta, made in Venice by experts.
Since 1937.

For more than 80 years, fresh pasta has been the Voltan family’s passion. We make unique products with a special “tailored” approach, made-to-measure to meet our customers’ requests. Our aim is to bring you the best possible flavours from Venice to the rest of the world and suit every possible taste. We are proud to represent the very best that Italian culinary tradition has to offer and this is why we work with the most important international retailers.

Top Quality

Bold taste combinations or exquisite everyday flavours: Voltan fresh pasta can take you on a sensory journey that ranges from the most authentic Italian dishes through to unique, innovatively creative gourmet cuisine.

Tailored production for “made-to-measure” pasta

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An idea for every requirement

  • Voltan

    Voltan, family fresh pasta since 1937

  • Emma Giordani

    Gourmet pasta for the more discerning palate.

  • Biorigin

    Quality, flavour and food safety.

  • Antica Pasteria

    Naturally Italian pasta.

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An idea for every requirement

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Voltan makes Italian fresh pasta that is cut and “stitched” to measure to meet all types of market demand. Such flexibility is one of the main strengths of our production process, it allows us not only to adapt but to anticipate the demands of a continuously evolving industry and to offer products that meet with the needs of consumers in a vast range of different international markets. Voltan makes fresh filled pasta, plain pasta, gnocchi, sauces, and ready meals.