Every Voltan product is the result of analysis, research, experimentation and experience, all at the service of the world’s major retailers. This is the Voltan System which guarantees worldwide distribution of a long local tradition. For authentic Made in Italy, able to adapt to the needs of consumers the world over.

Some figures

  • 80 years in the world of fresh pasta;
  • 4th generation of Venetian entrepreneurs;
  • Turnover of 80 million euros per year;
  • 400 employees;
  • 4 production sites in Veneto and Lombardy: 30,000 square metres;
  • 22 production lines: 1,300,000 thousand kg/week;
  • 530,000 thousand portions produced every day.

Tailored production

The whole production process at Voltan is based on the “tailored” ability to make bespoke fresh pasta that can be adapted to suit the tastes and habits of consumers all over the world. Voltan partners its business customers through a process that takes place in stages, where a balance of skills, traditions and technology enable Voltan to create the best possible product, tailored to the specific characteristics of a certain country or type of consumer.

  • Market research
  • Recipe development
  • Tests and trials
  • Safety, testing and checks
  • Industrial production


Voltan’s Quality System is a wide-ranging yet precise concept and it is applied to every activity within the company. The aim is to guarantee constant maximum results from all viewpoints. For example the Voltan Quality System includes stringent selection processes for collaborators and staff and it is the reason behind the more than 36,000 tests every year, carried out on raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products by our internal laboratory. But there’s more: the Voltan Quality System is applied to all cleaning and sanitising processes, control plans for implemented procedures, and monitoring activities.

Ethics and the Environment

Everyday strategic and operational choices are influenced by a strong sense of social responsibility. The care for people and the environment is in fact a determining factor our growth and development model. We are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of our production processes and increasing the well-being of those who work for and with us, at every step of the process.


Passion, expertise, painstaking attention to the smallest details and extremely high standards for the quality of our products have allowed us to win awards and recognition, of which we are justifiably proud:

  • Papa Industry Awards
  • Quality Food Awards
  • Sial Innovation
  • Superior Taste Awards


We strongly believe in the importance of a strong supply chain, healthy working conditions and maximum food safety for the end consumer and are dedicated to invest in such aspects every day. This commitment has been rewarded and certified by Europe’s main food institutions and represent a guarantee for those serving our fresh pasta.

  • BRC Food Certificated
  • IFS International Food Standard
  • DNV-GL Safety System Certification