How are Voltan products created?

Like a good suit, tailored pasta products can only be made by expert craftsmen.

Our motto is “tailored production” from market research through to the finished product, Voltan works alongside its partners in a process that brings together tradition and technology, expertise and safety, with the aim of providing products of the highest quality, tailored to suit individual needs.

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Market research

Every market has its own unique factors, trends and dynamics.

To create the right products, we map out existing and potential needs, studying sales channels, competitors and consumer wishes.

This way we can develop the best strategy for success.

Recipe development

A team of professionals, including chefs, nutritionists and food experts select the perfect raw materials. This is the start of the creative process for all new recipes; a process devised to make the end product stand out on the shelf.

Cultural concordance with the destination country, together with correct nutritional and calorific values constitute the basis of our products, for tasty, wholesome and healthy eating.

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Tests and trials

Testing new products is as fun as it is complex. Expert professional tasters compare new recipes with recipes that are already available on the market, making sure that we achieve unique, balanced flavours that stand out from other recipes. Through this we make sure that consumers will choose them out of the many available options.

Safety, testing and checks

Voltan’s laboratory, coordinated by our Quality Team, works tirelessly, using different types of chemical and microbiological tests to bring you guaranteed reliability and safety.

All samples are carefully analyzed, beyond the legal requirements.

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Industrial production

Voltan’s plants are equipped with production lines that use high-tech processes and machineries. We also work ceaselessly to optimise our production processes in full compliance with the most stringent inspection procedures.

All of this allows us to continuously propose and launch innovative products on the international market, drastically cutting the time to market and eliminating any waste. Now, our new product is on the shelves.

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